About Lone Star Farms


Lone Star Farms started in 1997 with the purchase of Quartz Range in the Aorere Valley in Golden Bay. Puponga Farm Park was leased from the Department of Conservation in 1998 and Rainbow, Mt Albert, Barewood and Caberfeidh were purchased between 2000 and 2004, with The Wandle in 2009. Hadleigh/Mt Clyde was purchased in 2012, being the first farm in the North Island for Lone Star Farms. Rainbow and Mt Albert were sold in 2016, Hadleigh/Mt Clyde was sold in 2019.

Many of the farms have undergone development of soil fertility, fencing, pasture types, irrigation, and infrastructure over a number of years.


Our farms are geographically diverse and are farmed differently according to their surrounding environmental conditions.  These different attributes mean that the farms can specialise in particular farm policies and take advantage of their strengths to benefit the Company overall.

Business Statement

Our business focus is based on the statement that we grow, harvest, convert and market energy.

As a business we aim to:

  • Be an employer of choice and deliver on our reputation.
  • Be a responsible occupier of the land.
  • Operate an efficient and profitable pastorally-based livestock business.


Each farm has a Manager reporting to the General Manager.  If you are interested in working for Lone Star Farms have a look at our Jobs page.

Research and Training

Lone Star Farms supports staff in PrimaryITO training and various on-farm training activities are provided on an ongoing basis.

We are actively involved in production trials for research carried out by institutions as well as our own trials to find ways of improving our business results.