2IC Discussion Group

We pride ourselves on our initiative in this area.

The Second-In-Charge (2IC) staff group and what is covered evolves with changes in staff and the current relevance of topics. The group generally (COVID-19 impacted this recently) meets up to five times a year with an independent farm advisor to upskill on practical farm management and strategic thinking. The aim is to prepare them for management roles. This group is a team of senior staff who test each other and the company as they grow in capability and knowledge.

Topics include strategic questions as well as financial budgeting and implications of changing stock policies. Practical sessions have included planning winter crops, feeding supplements, growing great chicory, measuring and grazing lucerne, feeding for fertility and managing a feed surplus, condition-scoring ewes.

The 2IC Group visit Lone Star Farm properties and other farms for interest topics. They are hosted by the 2IC for that property. The Farm Manager does not join the Group until the end of the day, to hear their feedback on the farm. This helps make the more junior members of the Group more confident about speaking up and asking questions.

The aim is to grow confidence but also challenge the more experienced members to communicate their thoughts.

Facilitator Pete Young says “It broadens the group’s knowledge and lifts their overall decision-making ability by giving them a different perspective on wider farming challenges outside their current role. It prepares them for more senior roles in the future.”