We seek like-minded partners to do business with.

Over the years we have formed long-term relationships with these and other organisations.

Headwaters/Omega Lamb

Headwaters started supplying rams to Lone Star Farms in 2011. The relationship has grown to where Lone Star Farms now owns 54% of Headwaters. Fundamental to this is the Headwaters genetics which has enabled the development of the Omega Lamb project.

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Alliance Group

Alliance is a primary partner of Lone Star Farms, processing and marketing in excess of 90% of our meat produce including Handpicked beef and Te Mana Lamb. 

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NZ Merino Company

Each year the sheep on our farms grow 300 tonnes of around 35-micron wool which is sold via the New Zealand Merino Company.

The NZ Merino Company fosters partnerships between growers of all ranges of wool diameters and companies looking for certain wool types. They have helped link Lone Star Farms with carpet and rug manufacturer Bremworth, garment manufacturer Swandri and furnisher Ikea. As part of this the farms have ZQ accreditation – described as the world’s leading ethical wool brand.

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PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson have been supplying Lone Star Farms for many years. Our relationship is more than supplier/customer as we look upon PGG as a partner in our business.

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Rissington Cattle Company

We source the majority of our bulls from the Angus breeder Rissington Cattle Company. These genetics have become a dominant part of our herds and we are proud to be associated with the Absolom family and the work they have done over the decades in genetics and more recently feed efficiency.

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Firstlight Wagyu

We source and finish 200-300 Wagyu beef cattle through the Firstlight.

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Department of Conservation

Four of our farms neighbour and have an association with the Department of Conservation. The largest association is through the Puponga Farm Park.

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