Research & Industry

We value enquiring minds and support on-farm trials to improve our business results, staff well-being and environmental sustainability.

We continue to support a variety of research programmes – either on-farm or through providing information – to help various organisations or industry good initiatives. These include Red Meat Profit Partnership, Te Hono, Beef + Lamb NZ beef progeny test, a founding member of the Agricultural Leaders’ Health and Safety Action Group.

In 2020 Lone Star Farms, through Barewood, joined with AgResearch and Pamu to investigate ways to reduce reliance on intensive cropping and chemical use in southern wintering systems as part of a Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change research project called “From winter forages to pasture”.

Reduction of our carbon footprint (including methane) is something we take very seriously. We are currently working with associated entities in developing methane reduction initiatives for ruminants.


Investing in agriculture students benefits the whole industry. Lone Star Farms proudly sponsors a grant for a Lincoln University Diploma in Agriculture student to return to Lincoln University and complete a Diploma in Farm Management. Since 2014 nine grants have been awarded worth $3,000 each.

While some students have worked or go on to work for Lone Star Farms, we believe upskilling across all farm businesses is crucial to wider-industry success.