We have five South Island farms:-

Farm Location Total
Av Stock
Puponga Collingwood, Tasman 420 400 3,600
Quartz Range Collingwood, Tasman 720 420 3,700
Caberfeidh Kurow, South Canterbury 6,000 5,300 30,000
The Wandle Middlemarch, Otago 2,300 2,000 12,000
Barewood Station Outram, Otago 6,420 5,300 30,000


Barewood Station

Barewood is a low-rainfall property (400-600ml) situated in the Tor country of the Barewood plateau between Outram and Middlemarch. The farm forms part of a historic Otago run and gold mining was undertaken on the property in the early 1900s. Barewood was…  Read More »


Caberfeidh is a breeding and finishing farm located in the Hakataramea Valley. The property ranges from flat valley floor to the steep hills of the Kirkliston Ranges. There are approximately 400 paddocks on Caberfeidh ranging in size from… Read More »


Puponga Farm Park is southwest of the base of Farewell Spit in Golden Bay and is bounded on the west by the Tasman Sea, and on the east by Golden Bay. It runs between the Farewell Spit International Wetland and Kahurangi National Park and has been leased from the Department of Conservation since 1998… Read More »

Quartz Range

The first farm purchased in the Lone Star Farms group, Quartz Range is a high-rainfall property on Pakihi (podzol) soils in the Bainham district of western Golden Bay. It is bounded by Salisbury Creek and Basin Creek and is bisected by Finney’s… Read More »

The Wandle

Located 10km northwest of Middlemarch, the Wandle is a grazing and finishing property of predominantly terraces with some hill country along the Rock & Pillar Range. The farm underwent a development programme during 2011 and 2012 which included the installation of two… Read More »