Barewood Station

Area:  6,420ha – 5,300ha effective

Stock Units:  30,000

Number of permanent staff:  Eight

Barewood is a low-rainfall property (400-600ml) situated in the Tor country of the Barewood plateau between Outram and Middlemarch. The farm forms part of a historic Otago run and gold mining was undertaken on the property in the early 1900s.

Barewood was traditionally a breeding property but a major development programme was implemented over the past decade resulting in predominantly lucerne based pastures. This has enabled the farm to now sell the majority of its stock prime and purchase additional trading stock as feed supply opportunities allow.

The farm is split into 284 paddocks with a mixture of grass and lucerne-based pastures.

Barewood has 20,000 Romney/Texel-X ewes with Finn genes (via Headwaters genetics) being introduced to increase flock fertility.

It also finishes approximately 1,000 trading cattle depending on conditions.