We pride ourselves on having inquisitive and open minds around improving our farming footprint, and also about new or forgotten farming practices that could compliment the sustainability of our business. We support the principals and framework that are being established around the government’s Te Taiao initiative.

We seek to continually improve. Farming better every day.

We have a formal company plan for guiding the preservation and enhancement of our land, the welfare of our animals, our people and local communities.

It enhances the work we have already done with our farm environment plans, our collection and use of climatic and soil data to aid how we farm, and what changes we need to make in the future to seek continuous improvement.

Regular feed-budgeting and maximising the efficiency of water resources is part of our everyday work. We are continually looking ahead to see what better use of our land there might be in the future.

Water Quality

Water quality has been important to us for a number of years. We actively monitor our streams, and work to exclude stock from waterways as part of what we do now and will continue to do in the future.

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Land and Soil

Our farming practices impact on the sustainability of our land for the generations to come. We actively seek continuous development and improvement for the way we manage the land we farm on.

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