Barewood Station

Barewood’s landscape is worthy of a movie set with its rocky outcrops dominating most views.

It is a low-rainfall property (450-650 ml) situated between Outram and Middlemarch, and it has boundaries with the Taieri River and Deep Stream. The farm forms part of a historic early Otago run established around 1850, while gold mining was active on the property in the early 1900s, with historic relics still seen today.

Barewood is predominantly a summer dry breeding property. It supplies other LSF properties with lambs for finishing and depending on the season may finish some lambs. The cattle system is based on purchasing 18 month old cattle and finishing them prime.

The farm has excellent infrastructure and is split into 270 paddocks with a mixture of grass and lucerne-based pastures.


Hectares of effective farmland


Stock Units


Permanent Staff

Marty Deans Barewood Farm Manager