We produce high-quality products at scale. Together, the properties produce around 650 tonnes of beef, 1,200 tonnes of sheep meat and 300 tonnes of wool each year. We aim to supply more than 70% of our produce to more discerning or premium markets. Here is a selection of some of these products…

Omega Lamb

We are the largest producer of Omega lamb. This comes from Headwaters genetics which contain naturally high levels of polyunsaturated “good” fat and Omega 3 fatty acids. When fed on chicory these combine to produce lamb that is marketed internationally to top-tier restaurants as Te Mana Lamb. Independent taste tests done showed the polyunsaturated intramuscular fats gave the lamb an unmatched level of succulence, taste and “clean mouth feel”.

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Handpicked Beef

This grass-fed beef meets high standards of marbling, colour and pH to provide the consumer with tenderness, succulence and flavour. It is marketed under the Pure South brand.

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Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is sort after the world over for its taste, texture and consistent quality. We source and sell our Wagyu through Firstlight.

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